Kentaro Nakanishi


Kentaro Nakanishi started his career as a voice trainer, and now he is one of the most the well-known voice trainers in Japan. Many clients who were trained by him are listed on the "ORIKON Chart" every year. He also teaches performance to actors and actresses in the TV industry, he is very famous for being a professional at producing professionals. In 2014, he brought that know-how into the business world, and is now consulting many companies executives and CEO’s on their presentation skills.

Shuji Honjo


Dr. Shuji Honjo provides business consulting to Japanese and international companies, focusing on new business development, marketing, technology and innovation. He advises large corporations and investors as well as entrepreneurial companies. He is active in entrepreneurial education and community development, as a mentor with 500 Startups, Founders Institute, Net Service Ventures, Docomo Innovation Village, Fukuoka Prefecture etc.